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Aims to make a globally renowned restaurant group that it recognized for its attentive detail to service, ambiance and great food.
To provide a distinctive dining experience in an attractive and comfortable ambiance that meets and more importantly exceeds our guests expectations.
The catering division for the WCN is now available for your next off site event. We can accommodate all of your party needs from smaller, intimate parties to larger events with hundred’s of guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
With affordable and creative menus, the WCN food exposition is sure to entice and satisfy your guests with its incredible selections.
– Da Gama
– La Vigna
– Masala Craft

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Our Group is a culmination of culinary refinement and restaurant entrepreneurship. Originated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. World Cuisine Network is committed to develop, own and operate medium to high-end casual restaurants. We take pride in offering our patrons the best tastes from around the globe with our cuisines ranging from Italian, Indian to traditional Portuguese fare.



Sama Tower, in between The Monarch Dubai and Fairmont Dubai Hotels,Shaikh Zayed Road Dubai UAE Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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Barcelos, the authentic Portuguese flame-grilled chicken. Barcelos is renowned for its tantalizingly delicious flame-grilled chicken. Barcelos is uniquely named after a picturesque town in Portugal. The marinade recipe used for Barcelos Chicken is so old, its origins cannot be traced! Using the finest quality chicken, Barcelos chickens are marinated for 24 hours in a traditional secret sauce and then flame-grilled to perfection. www.facebook.com/barcelosuae

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Barcelos, the authentic Portuguese flame-grilled chicken. Barcelos is renowned for its tantalizingly delicious flame-grilled chicken…



The Dubai Mall , Dubai

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It’s hard not to smile as you walk into a branch of this chicken chain-restaurant. If the kooky poultry cartoons fail to tweak the funny-bone, the punsome slogans and relentlessly chirpy atmosphere will fail to cheer only the grouchiest of diners. Despite the abundance of such comical decor, we are soon made aware that Nando’s take their chicken very seriously indeed. As well as poultry, the chain’s big thing is its ‘world famous’ peri-peri sauce, ranging in intensity from mild lemon-and-herb to screamingly hot chili variant. After brilliantly fiery olives set your taste buds in motion, it’s chicken all the way.

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Nando’s is well known for its fresh chicken dishes and their variety of marinades and sauces made from the secret peri-peri recipes passed through generations of Portuguese settlers in Africa. However, alternatives such as salads, bean burgers as well as chips and coleslaw are amongst the other dishes provided. Nando’s want you to feel at home and encourage you to help yourself to crockery, sauces and bottomless soft drinks and frozen yoghurt.